About me

About Me and this Blog

This blog will have things I'm interested in. That I pick up along the way with my fascination of the web.  I will find articles that interest me so I have somewhere to keep them and if you happen across this blog your welcome to check it out and follow any links to things that may interest you, You can also find me on other social networks, under Artofdebra

Artistic Endeavors

Painting, drawing and photography are great passions to me, something that will take me away from everyday life. Hours can pass in what seems like seconds when I'm engrossed in a painting. I don't presume to think I'm the greatest artist but I love what I do.
I have been concentrating on drawing portraits free hand, learning to shade giving it more depth. Trying to get the face as close to the original as possible. I have started the next stage which is painting in Watercolour and Acrylics. Also more practice in taking photos which I can use as reference pictures and sometime they will stand alone on there own merit.

My objective is to find my own style and to maximize it to the best of my abilities.

Organisational Hell

Now my second passion which I have got is the organisation bug (Thank you for that Philofaxy.)

I started reading peoples blogs, watching YouTube Channels all about using a filofax. Which I now have to date four of the blessed things. A black pocket Finsbury, A black A5 Metropol zipped, a black personal Identity  do you think there is a bit of a trend there. My final one is (drum roll please) a A5 Raspberry Finsbury, Yay! a different colour.

It's begun to spread away from just written organisation to my everyday life. I've started organising and de-cluttering my house and trying to downsize everything I have, because half of the things I have I don't need.


This is something that as always interested me I have had five cameras and i'm still learning how to use them properly. But the one camera I really want has always been out of my price range for now.....

So if you like anything you see on my blog and want to see how I continue in my life of art and organisation your welcome to follow. Look forward to seeing you back. Tar! Tar! for now.