Friday, May 13

Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who)

Now I'm sat watching clive5art on YouTube and I felt the muse fall upon me he was painting Peter Capaldi in Acrylics.
So I searched the Internet for the pic Clive used and thought I might  try my hand at drawing and painting Peter Capaldi ( Doctor Who) myself.

I started with a drawing, done with a 2B size pencil on 169lb mix media paper from Daler-Rowney. Finishing the drawing I decided to use my black ink pen to go over the pencil I had drawn out, rubbing out the rest. then getting out my watercolours I finished the Picture.

2B size pencil on A4
 mixed media paper 169lb

waterproof uni-ball fine black pen

Friday, May 6

I'm Trying

I feel I'm always trying to get better and never getting there, I'm trying to paint and draw every day. They tell you to keep trying now I've seen somewhere that when you are  practising your art you can actually practice it the wrong way. which means you will learn it wrong. Grrr it confuses me but I refuse to give in (sticks tongue out). Tried me hand at a little watercolour sketch of roses.I have darkened it slightly since this picture, which makes the roses stand out more.

Wednesday, May 4

John Wayne Sketch

A little sketch using ink and watercolour
I do hope you think he looks like him a bit.