Friday, August 28

Poem 1

I look upon the waning moon my life is sliding for sure 
the truth is hard to gain  glimpsing the crimson stain it spreads. 
I  feel so cold to fear death 
but then crave it too the comfort of darkness of deep sleep.

How can this be, to lose oneself completely, 
sinking deeper, ever relentless but no darkness comes, 
I pass the point of dream spectacular. 

I fall into the sun, absorbed into the fold of my ancestors, 
strangers I have yet to meet, people I have yet to hate.
 Past and future lovers together entwined.

We churn we whirl we're fast we're slow we are one we know all,
 to stay would be bliss, but lessons to learn stories to make. 

Busting out after I know not how long, i'm here, there all together 

around the universe and to the sun,

Written by D Speed

Wednesday, August 26

My Friend My Mother

Went back to the spiritual centre Flo's Angels this evening, it has been a few years since I last ventured forth into the unknown. Nothing had seemed to have changed. 

Someone had been giving me signs this month that it was time, I kept seeing feathers all over the place, and to me I feel feathers represent those I love who have passed; In May while on holiday I decided to have a tattoo of a feather on my arm. 

It seem my mother, who past in October 2014 wanted to talk to me. I was given this to take away knowing she will alway be by my side. 
  • She gave me a white rose which symbolises purity - we had a great relationship with each other while she was on this plane. 
  • She also wanted to showing blankets around me - that she would always be there to comfort and protect me. 
I have always felt even from the moment she past over that she was still with me, and I have never felt I needed to grieve for her with floods of tears. she was and still is my tower of strength. 

She wants me to do what I want, as my future is open to so many possibilities and she will alway be with me My Friend My Mother