Tuesday, September 8

New Beardie


My new Bearded Dragon that I got today just over 5 months old these are his parents Thor and Auroa he should grow quite big. They have a room for the beardies two females and the male and all the babies.

The two females have one viv, The male has his own viv and the babies a couple of vivs for them. The y all look well and cared for and it was nice buying off people who care about the animals.

Tiger is eating well and already christened his viv with a massive poop. He loves chasing the crickets.

Friday, August 28

Poem 1

I look upon the waning moon my life is sliding for sure 
the truth is hard to gain  glimpsing the crimson stain it spreads. 
I  feel so cold to fear death 
but then crave it too the comfort of darkness of deep sleep.

How can this be, to lose oneself completely, 
sinking deeper, ever relentless but no darkness comes, 
I pass the point of dream spectacular. 

I fall into the sun, absorbed into the fold of my ancestors, 
strangers I have yet to meet, people I have yet to hate.
 Past and future lovers together entwined.

We churn we whirl we're fast we're slow we are one we know all,
 to stay would be bliss, but lessons to learn stories to make. 

Busting out after I know not how long, i'm here, there all together 

around the universe and to the sun,

Written by D Speed

Wednesday, August 26

My Friend My Mother

Went back to the spiritual centre Flo's Angels this evening, it has been a few years since I last ventured forth into the unknown. Nothing had seemed to have changed. 

Someone had been giving me signs this month that it was time, I kept seeing feathers all over the place, and to me I feel feathers represent those I love who have passed; In May while on holiday I decided to have a tattoo of a feather on my arm. 

It seem my mother, who past in October 2014 wanted to talk to me. I was given this to take away knowing she will alway be by my side. 
  • She gave me a white rose which symbolises purity - we had a great relationship with each other while she was on this plane. 
  • She also wanted to showing blankets around me - that she would always be there to comfort and protect me. 
I have always felt even from the moment she past over that she was still with me, and I have never felt I needed to grieve for her with floods of tears. she was and still is my tower of strength. 

She wants me to do what I want, as my future is open to so many possibilities and she will alway be with me My Friend My Mother

Wednesday, July 15

#onebookjuly2015 week 2

I have tried to get on with my A5 Finsbury in the previous post, but after this great idea from @Rohmany and onebookjuly2015, I have decided what I want and what I don't want. So to begin with I don't want the A5 size as my planner. Trying to fit that in your handbag sometimes is a squeeze. 
So ì have decided to move it all to my personal Malden I am going to use it as a bullet planner. All appointments and to do's will be in the one place. I will try it as my purse but will have to see about that. I know this is one book July but just because I have swapped  I am still only using one book and one pen.

I have made a key and that will be at the beginning until I get the hang of using the little symbols. Above I have stuck these on my homemade pocket. And inside are 
some sticky dots and things that I use.

As I said earlier ì will try using this as a purse as it will be going everywhere I do. And at the back will be for extra note and family info

So after getting my day pages, I put notepaper between each of the dated pages so I have plenty of room to bullet and jot notes and make appointments

Now this is what she looks like stuffed but very useable if you want to see what i was previously using 2015/06/how-i-have-organised-filofax-to-start.

Monday, July 6

#onebookjuly2015 wk1~ Re Jigging my filofax

Nope, not feeling the way I have my planner, so I 'm rejigging even as I write. Firstly I have been reading about bullet journaling, on a website called Bullet and Journaling also watching the video Getting Started. I have seen many people using it. But it seemed a little long winded. So I thought about adapting it to my Filofax.

  1. So at the front, I have moved my note paper. 
  2. Then I have my Month on two pages
  3. And a page a day using the work style sheets.

I have note paper which I use as an Index page, I may use these page not sure if they are needed yet.
Then I have the month on two pages using this more for dated events.
This way keeping track at a glance, and the page a day will have the details of any events and todo's I am liking the way both calendars are so close and easy to switch views.

Now I have made the same Keys for those above just easy access for me while I'm learning it.

My key. In more detail taken from bullet journaling.

Does anyone else use bullet journaling in there Filofaxes if you do, want to share any pointers with me let me know in the comments.  Next  onebookjuly2015-week-2.

Tuesday, June 30

How I have organised my filofax to start #Onebookjuly2015

I had thought putting my life into one planner would be easy but it's been a little difficult, not enough room "Oh dear!" I had started using three different planners until the One book July challenge.
  1. Personal Malden for Home 
  2. A5 Finsbury for all work related items. 
  3. Compact Pennybridge as my purse   
I will still have to use my Pennybridge for my purse, because I seem to acquired many, many Cards (stores, library, Game, etc.) the list is endless. So that works for my money and cards good combination.
                             Using my Pennybridge as my purse

While I am using my Finsbury Filofax I'm going to spend this month blending everything else into this one organiser, It will be in a state of flux as I alter things so that I can maximise the space and acquire a better system for me to use.

Yearly Calendar

Month on two pages

So to begin with Home is where I'll start this as Month on two pages calendar. Also my yearly calendar. Four plastic wallets (I always end up with mountains of paper stuff in my Filofax. I've cut a notebook up, hole punched the pages, now I have lots of note paper. 

Note Paper
First plastic half wallet

The next section is another wallet at the beginning and all personal info doctors, mine and the hubbies medication. Telephone numbers email addresses. Birthdays and anniversaries. 

Address Book
Plastic half folder for appointment cards and other papers

Then comes my work diary which I will be using for many things a have going on at the moment. 

So lastly comes all the stickers, correction pen, highlighter "love yellow" for that. My pen is a simple black one I bought from Sainsbury's.

Sainsburys pen

The final look for now!

Check out  onebookjuly2015-re-jigging

Wednesday, May 20


Well been to the seaside today lovely day let mylo have a splash in the sea at first nor to sure but eventually he got further in

Friday, April 24


Decided to have a smoothie for my breakfast this morning, with the sun shining and it being warmer to sit outside than in, took my drink and phone with me and enjoyed the morning.

My ingredients were:-

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Frozen mango
  • banana
  • soya milk

I just put it in my smoothie maker and don't measure it out first, suppose I should really get more technical but usually they turn out all right even sometimes they taste fantastic.


Sunday, April 12

Getting started again

I am sat having a coffee at the cafe near my house, watching people and thinking how different everyone is, I know I should always carry my sketch book with me but even if I remembered I don't know if I could just pull  out and start sketching with all those people about, I am very shy about people seeing me draw.
I always have this urge that a need to paint or draw but one way or another I find other things to do with my time. I wonder if its normal to go through this. I have thought it maybe because I am not earning anything from my art and I have responsibilities where someone is dependent on me and I must "earn the pennies". Or its because my painting area is not how i would like it. Is this all just an excuse I wonder? Oh well I will sort out my "Studio" as someone mentioned on one of the sites I follow we should all call it that no matter how big or small it is so that you start to feel like an artist. Once I have the studio settled maybe I'll sit down and start doing instead of thinking about it!

Tuesday, March 31

Lost Mum

Mum had a stroke last year she manged to get over that as much as she could then she had a nasty fall breaking her hip and arm then about a month later one night she got poorly again went into hospital and past away she looked so peaceful and all the pain had just drained away. She is now with my father which will have made her happy.