Saturday, June 22

Mylo' s Filofax

Had to put my Dog Holly down a few weeks ago and realised the house was way to quiet. So I got a rescue dog 10 month old

I have decided to use my other Filofax, my Black Metropol Zip for all his paperwork, I'm slowly sorting it out deciding what the dividers will be for. Using my old plain dividers at the moment so at the moment it go like this:-
Annual Pet Care 
Pet plan Insurance
Pet Details and vet receipts
Phone Numbers and Addresses

Going to take a lot more photos, print them out and laminate and make them into dividers. I won't need a diary part will just use my every day filo for that.
 Using the zipped filo for this makes it easier to put loose papers in as they don't fall out.

 I love setting a filofax up. Hope to have photos soon

Tuesday, June 11

RIP Holly

Holly 2000 - 2013 
I will miss you very much you were always there for me

Goodbye sweetie xx