Sunday, April 21

The Gym

Does anyone else lose that urge to keep going to the gym, even though I know that it's good for me especially after the "event" as the rehab nurses like to call it. It was much more fun going to cardio rehab for my exercises also they did talks on your heart, diets, medicines and exercise which was really quiet interesting. Then we'd have an hour of cardio exercise which I really enjoyed.

But now its an hour of doing it on your own treadmill, bike, rower, treadmill again. Oh the excitement!
Not been for a fortnight because of muscular pains, but will push myself to go tomorrow, need to get into shape for my brothers birthday party, don't want to let the side down.

Think I will start my Metropol filofax up for my exercise and diet but that's another blog

Elvaston walk

I love taking photo's where ever I go. My husband and I went for a walk around Elvaston Castle  a couple of years ago and using a cannon camera my brother gave me I took these photos.

Saturday, April 6

Setting up my Fiilofax

Finally finished setting my black zipped Metropol A5. Its taken me months to decide how I was going to use it think its very close now.

The front I am using for all my stickies magnetic book marks and any business card i am given.

Made my first divider download picture printed it and laminated punch hole in quite please with my first attempt.

This is Holly my baby used this divider for my monthly view below, like using this much better I can see at a glance for that month all appointments

These two dividers first one for my ideas for painting and drawing the divider is made up of some of my pictures. The second one is for my Journal (below) which I am using the week on two page for now may change that to one day a page.


These three dividers are viewed from thee top, tabs for each person, with important details and phone numbers

 Hope you liked it had real fun making the dividers  Thanks Philofaxy and every other blogger that gave me ideas.

Monday, April 1

Me Organised!

I feel even more organised now I have changed over to it's a god send it's so easy to use. I have downloaded the app to my kindle so that I can always keep up to date with all the bloggers I subscribe to which are a lot, and I don't always like to have my laptop out the kindle is much handier. Thanks Google for not keeping google reader which was pretty useless to me.