Friday, March 16

Part 1 Decluttering my kitchen

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed with things, At the beginning of the year, it got to me with a vengeance. I started looking at things on Pinterest, my kitchen was the first room I have attacked. I got my Island (which was too big}  moved and the work surface cut down. So that now I have so much room to move I keep dancing around it. 

Then came the decluttering part. 

  • First, my top cupboards, I emptied, washed and organised. So now I have only 4 of each of my dishes.[insert pic] Took a lot of my plates, cups, glasses to a charity shop.
  • I have one cupboard full of my spices gravies packet stock. the other full of teas coffees. 
  • Then came my freezer again everything out washed down I bought some clear bins from Home Bargains freezer bins so I could organise the items inside each individual freezer draw,.
  • I labelled each of the freezers draws Pork, Beef, Chicken and Vegetables one draw labelled Carbs.[insert pic]
  • I have done a similar thing to my fridge except I'm not sure about the number of fridge bins I've put in think it makes it less usable

I have the majority of the kitchen done but I'm leaving it for a while living with it to see what I make use of in the next six month and what I don't will be gotten rid of.