Tuesday, April 26

Learning Watercolours

I wanted to try my hand at watercolours, so I watched quite a lot of YouTube, which gave me plenty of info and the urge to paint. I already had a Winsor and Newton 14 half pan set but not all of them were the colours I wanted so I bought myself some tubes and spare empty half pans and filled them with the paint from the tubes.

Paper taped down to a board
Watercolour and No's 10 and 2 watercolour brushes

My first attempt at watercolours from watching all theses helpful channels trying to incorporate what I had seen from everyone. I used a 20cm by 15cm paper, I only wanted to use a small piece of paper.

The first stage was getting the shape of the Lions face
 and the different areas of shading then letting that dry

Then building the colour and temperature of the picture up until you feel you can not do more.

While waiting for the lion to dry I tried my hand at wet in wet.