Wednesday, August 26

My Friend My Mother

Went back to the spiritual centre Flo's Angels this evening, it has been a few years since I last ventured forth into the unknown. Nothing had seemed to have changed. 

Someone had been giving me signs this month that it was time, I kept seeing feathers all over the place, and to me I feel feathers represent those I love who have passed; In May while on holiday I decided to have a tattoo of a feather on my arm. 

It seem my mother, who past in October 2014 wanted to talk to me. I was given this to take away knowing she will alway be by my side. 
  • She gave me a white rose which symbolises purity - we had a great relationship with each other while she was on this plane. 
  • She also wanted to showing blankets around me - that she would always be there to comfort and protect me. 
I have always felt even from the moment she past over that she was still with me, and I have never felt I needed to grieve for her with floods of tears. she was and still is my tower of strength. 

She wants me to do what I want, as my future is open to so many possibilities and she will alway be with me My Friend My Mother