Wednesday, July 15

#onebookjuly2015 week 2

I have tried to get on with my A5 Finsbury in the previous post, but after this great idea from @Rohmany and onebookjuly2015, I have decided what I want and what I don't want. So to begin with I don't want the A5 size as my planner. Trying to fit that in your handbag sometimes is a squeeze. 
So ì have decided to move it all to my personal Malden I am going to use it as a bullet planner. All appointments and to do's will be in the one place. I will try it as my purse but will have to see about that. I know this is one book July but just because I have swapped  I am still only using one book and one pen.

I have made a key and that will be at the beginning until I get the hang of using the little symbols. Above I have stuck these on my homemade pocket. And inside are 
some sticky dots and things that I use.

As I said earlier ì will try using this as a purse as it will be going everywhere I do. And at the back will be for extra note and family info

So after getting my day pages, I put notepaper between each of the dated pages so I have plenty of room to bullet and jot notes and make appointments

Now this is what she looks like stuffed but very useable if you want to see what i was previously using 2015/06/how-i-have-organised-filofax-to-start.