Tuesday, June 30

How I have organised my filofax to start #Onebookjuly2015

I had thought putting my life into one planner would be easy but it's been a little difficult, not enough room "Oh dear!" I had started using three different planners until the One book July challenge.
  1. Personal Malden for Home 
  2. A5 Finsbury for all work related items. 
  3. Compact Pennybridge as my purse   
I will still have to use my Pennybridge for my purse, because I seem to acquired many, many Cards (stores, library, Game, etc.) the list is endless. So that works for my money and cards good combination.
                             Using my Pennybridge as my purse

While I am using my Finsbury Filofax I'm going to spend this month blending everything else into this one organiser, It will be in a state of flux as I alter things so that I can maximise the space and acquire a better system for me to use.

Yearly Calendar

Month on two pages

So to begin with Home is where I'll start this as Month on two pages calendar. Also my yearly calendar. Four plastic wallets (I always end up with mountains of paper stuff in my Filofax. I've cut a notebook up, hole punched the pages, now I have lots of note paper. 

Note Paper
First plastic half wallet

The next section is another wallet at the beginning and all personal info doctors, mine and the hubbies medication. Telephone numbers email addresses. Birthdays and anniversaries. 

Address Book
Plastic half folder for appointment cards and other papers

Then comes my work diary which I will be using for many things a have going on at the moment. 

So lastly comes all the stickers, correction pen, highlighter "love yellow" for that. My pen is a simple black one I bought from Sainsbury's.

Sainsburys pen

The final look for now!

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