Sunday, April 12

Getting started again

I am sat having a coffee at the cafe near my house, watching people and thinking how different everyone is, I know I should always carry my sketch book with me but even if I remembered I don't know if I could just pull  out and start sketching with all those people about, I am very shy about people seeing me draw.
I always have this urge that a need to paint or draw but one way or another I find other things to do with my time. I wonder if its normal to go through this. I have thought it maybe because I am not earning anything from my art and I have responsibilities where someone is dependent on me and I must "earn the pennies". Or its because my painting area is not how i would like it. Is this all just an excuse I wonder? Oh well I will sort out my "Studio" as someone mentioned on one of the sites I follow we should all call it that no matter how big or small it is so that you start to feel like an artist. Once I have the studio settled maybe I'll sit down and start doing instead of thinking about it!