Wednesday, September 17

Ranger Filofax as a wallet/purse

Well it came

I was ever so excited, I gave it a look over and realised the pen holder was ripped so I decided to cut it off. The rings are perfect, close together when shut, a lot better then when I got my Finsbury. So I began filling it up and getting it ready to use, 

Basically I'm using it for a purse and card holder shopping lists and finance, also mobile and key holder. Well at first everything was going ok until I found a lady on YouTube  RhomanysRealm  Where she was talking about a Pennybridge Filofax, well you will never believe what I did, at 11 o'clock last night I went on eBay and saw one for £23 so I ordered it and it should be with me in a couple of days I've gone for the compact.Now I'm all excited again LOL.