Wednesday, September 10

Another filofax

I decided to get another filofax, yes another one. I wanted one to use as a purse and a place to put everything I carry. I'm not much for carrying a handbag, so I usually have keys, purse, phone grasped in my hand and sometimes its real awkward.

So I think I have found the perfect filofax.
Fingers crossed, I'm now waiting for the personal Ranger £22,00 including postage off eBay.
I had tried to bid for one and for 22hrs I was winning then in the last minuet someone bid £1 more, I had been looking for others on eBay while I was waiting, because when I bid someone always out bids me and yes it happened again. I ended getting another I'd been watching and paying about £2.50 less.

*Now I'm waiting and getting really excited.*

I've also manged to get my husband to use my pocket Finsbury as a wallet, So I put phone numbers and his passwords bank cards, money and keys in I also printed out the pocket inserts week on two pages from, The hubby loves it and uses it all the time now. Another convert.

What I'm going to use my filofaxes for:-
My Raspberry Finsbury  A5 will be my stay at home filofax. Calendar, Phone numbers, family info and medication, Pet and car info.

My new Ranger when it comes will be shopping list, movies and PlayStation games list, budgeting and savings. phone, keys, cards and money.

My pocket Sketch I will use for passwords and my many email addresses.

My A5 Metropol zipped will be used for my business if I ever get it going.

So I have to plan all my new page dividers and all the pretty things that needs to be put in them all, even my husband wants page dividers made.