Friday, July 5


OMG I have been rushed off my feet with Mylo taken him out every day got him a 30foot lead and like a numpty played football with him and yes he pulled and I went smack, hit the ground running. Bruises everywhere pain in the hip the chest, neck and a headache that won't go away. But otherwise feel great and have lost more weight. So I recommend if you want to lose weight forget the gym get a dog.

I think Mylo is settling in certainly finding what he can bite loves to grab anything plastic or little twigs and won't let me have them. He cost me some money this month. Not to happy with the vets that neutered the rescue took him to their vets. They made a right mess of his belly, which they had to cut into because one of his testicles had not dropped and they have to go in through the belly. Will have my own vet check him over later this month and see if its all ok.

At least the weather is beautiful and with all the sunshine I'm able to take him out to the parks trying to train him, getting him used to people and other dogs which he's not to good with.

Check out Mylo's new love