Tuesday, January 1

Life update

Well I'm posting this now because I had started another blog, but I thought I can't be worrying about to many blogs. So to start off my diary in this blog I am putting a short update of all that happened last year 2012.

March time my husband began his holiday from work and from the first day he had a stroke. Oh not just a mild stroke which could just last for 24 hours, but a really bad one.
A blood clot had broken from his neck and traveled up to the brain lodging its self in the area of the stem that connects the left and right parts of the brain.
At first it was touch and go, but after a few days they had him stable. This in turn caused him to not swallow properly, he couldn't walk or use his left side and many other things that everyone takes for granted.
He spent 2 months in hospital and then had nurses and physios come to the house for another couple of months. Since then I have had constant care off him taking him physios at the gym and is making a little progress although its slow.

Meanwhile during all this I have been my mothers carer as well, she has Renalheart failure and arthritis of the knees, but she's and 85 year old plucky and strong individual and really tries to carry on.
In the October she had a heart valve replacement and just before she was coming home she had to have a pacemaker fitted, after all that she wants her knees fixing. she is the bionic women, they have rebuilt her.

Then in the November I had a heart attack. I had a stent put into an artery in my heart which was 95% blocked. They managed to get me through quick because I had to care for two people who where just getting by without me.
I only had to spend about five days in hospital,  I wasn't allowed to do anything heavy for about 4 weeks. Or drive for a couple of weeks. Luckily my heart wasn't damaged too badly and still kind of works pretty well. I had several weeks of rehab and now I go to the gym.

I think its very disconcerting when you think you could have died and I feel 2012 was a bad year, but also a very lucky year. Because we all survived giving us all a second chance